Ray Rediscovered

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Naatak.. It gives you wings...

Can you hear us now? Good!!

Q: What stimulates our autonomic nerve action..?
A: A sold out show...

Q: What hormone is secreted by the adrenal medulla in response to having back-to-back sold out shows..?
A: Adrenaline...

Q: Quick synopsis?
A: A portrayal of some of finest of Satyajit Ray's short stores on thriller, horror, drama and comedy.. in short, total entertainment.

Q: Should I come? Can I still get tickets?
A: You bet! Dont miss this opportunity.. the cast & crew want to watch the show from the audience.. but of course can't. Get your tickets http://www.naatak.com/currentevent.html

Q: Other show dates?
A: The final two shows are on Nov 7th and 15th. Get your tickets http://www.naatak.com/currentevent.html

Inspiration.. Motivation.. Satisfaction.. Perfection.. - elusive but realisable. Entertainment? That's easy.. come and watch us.

Asymptotic Vibes

"Patol Babu..." opening night.. sold out.. packed audience.. grandeur sets.. detailed props.. excitement in the air.. tension in the mind...

It was a gala event with pomp and splendour, witnessed by the various media and press persons.

Follow us in this journey, watch some photo moments to experience the magic... the drama.. the comedy.. the tragedy.. the naatak ... aptly said so as.. "zindagi naatak hai.. naatak zindagi hai.."

So how did we do?

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Be the next to review us.. come and watch us..

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