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Sattanathan Says Series (SSS) - post 1

Contributed by Omar:

kamala: gaurav, we need to give you a fake beard to make your character as a chowkidaar look more creepy..
gaurav: oh you know what i can do!! I can grow my beard out really long and make it all messy..it'll look more real.
kamala: but we don't need your beard for mr. eccentric which is right after bhuto..
gaurav: oh that's easy, i can shave off my beard right after bhuto and be clean shaved and ready for mr. eccentric...
sattanathan: (sheepishly) err...if i may..just one minor thing..this sounds fine for the first day of the show..but what about the other show dates? how are you going to grow a beard in one day for the next show?
gaurav: ya but.........oh

Pictures from the Publicity shoot

Going hunting...

" Good news.. so far post vice-presidency Dick Cheney hasn't shot anybody.. thanks to his cologne 'Duck' !"

One of the biggest tasks for any production is procuring and/or building props and sets. For a detailed description and analysis of the various aspects/tasks of a production refer to this definitive post by our producer.

What does such work entail ?

Obtaining the requirements (reading the script), understanding them (clarifying with the producer/director), ROI (time spent vs value added), market analysis (research methods of getting it), feasibility study (build vs procure). The next step is procurement (scavenge: beg/borrow/steal/rent/buy) - which gives way to an iterative build process (design, implementation and test). There is also post-production followup work (return the items borrowed/rented and store the rest).

As one can see, it is not only time-consuming and nettling but after a while gets annoying.

Um.. personally, this reminds me of something else I been doing for a while.. can't remember now.. what is it..? ;)

So how are we doing?

Our zealous team is doing pretty good. Our expeditions have taken us from thrift stores to prop rental houses to home depots. Every trip we always see something new and different - always a learning experience.

Sample loot

Want to help?

We are still looking for more items. If you know of any prop rental shops, drop us a message.