Ray Rediscovered

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Naatak.. It gives you wings...

Can you hear us now? Good!!

Q: What stimulates our autonomic nerve action..?
A: A sold out show...

Q: What hormone is secreted by the adrenal medulla in response to having back-to-back sold out shows..?
A: Adrenaline...

Q: Quick synopsis?
A: A portrayal of some of finest of Satyajit Ray's short stores on thriller, horror, drama and comedy.. in short, total entertainment.

Q: Should I come? Can I still get tickets?
A: You bet! Dont miss this opportunity.. the cast & crew want to watch the show from the audience.. but of course can't. Get your tickets http://www.naatak.com/currentevent.html

Q: Other show dates?
A: The final two shows are on Nov 7th and 15th. Get your tickets http://www.naatak.com/currentevent.html

Inspiration.. Motivation.. Satisfaction.. Perfection.. - elusive but realisable. Entertainment? That's easy.. come and watch us.


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