Ray Rediscovered

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Naatak.. It gives you wings...

Can you hear us now? Good!!

Q: What stimulates our autonomic nerve action..?
A: A sold out show...

Q: What hormone is secreted by the adrenal medulla in response to having back-to-back sold out shows..?
A: Adrenaline...

Q: Quick synopsis?
A: A portrayal of some of finest of Satyajit Ray's short stores on thriller, horror, drama and comedy.. in short, total entertainment.

Q: Should I come? Can I still get tickets?
A: You bet! Dont miss this opportunity.. the cast & crew want to watch the show from the audience.. but of course can't. Get your tickets http://www.naatak.com/currentevent.html

Q: Other show dates?
A: The final two shows are on Nov 7th and 15th. Get your tickets http://www.naatak.com/currentevent.html

Inspiration.. Motivation.. Satisfaction.. Perfection.. - elusive but realisable. Entertainment? That's easy.. come and watch us.

Asymptotic Vibes

"Patol Babu..." opening night.. sold out.. packed audience.. grandeur sets.. detailed props.. excitement in the air.. tension in the mind...

It was a gala event with pomp and splendour, witnessed by the various media and press persons.

Follow us in this journey, watch some photo moments to experience the magic... the drama.. the comedy.. the tragedy.. the naatak ... aptly said so as.. "zindagi naatak hai.. naatak zindagi hai.."

So how did we do?

Read the review of the play on MercuryNews.com
Read the curtain raiser in Siliconeer Magazine
Read the article in Tri-city Voice

Be the next to review us.. come and watch us..

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Symbiotic Metamorphosis

No, this is not a fantasy story... This is a narration of classic work by a group of volunteers for Naatak's 31st production "Patol Babu FilmStar & Other plays..." - an adaptation of some stories by Satyajit Ray... yes.. "the" Satyajit Ray!

Can we preserve the ambiance of his plays? Can we depict the emotions ? The finer nuances ?

Did I manage to draw your attention? Read on...

Armed with a set of talented cast & crew, we set forth to take on this project. We had a rigorous schedule of rehearsals, set design, prop procurement, set constructions.. of course all this involves planning and mutual cooperation between all the members involved.

We've come a long way in the making of "Patol Babu Filmstar & Other Plays"...

The coordination.. the rehearsals.. the tasks.. the challenges.. How is all this possible & accomplishable? 1 word - confluence

To answer our earlier question: We do our best to portray the plays. You be the judge.. the critique.. and the supporter. Come, watch our synergistic performance, experience the magic of Satyajit Ray and be pleasantly entertained.

A brief video of our adventures -


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Vomitory Discussions

Often times our patrons, friends and others ask.. "So, how do you come up with the logistics of sets, props, lights.. etc? What is the planning process?..."

Allow me to spark off a series of articles addressing these topics and I'll keep them brief.

All things must have a beginning.. about 3 months back we started with a play reading followed by sets, props, lights etc discussions. Everybody pitches in with ideas on sets/props or their alternatives ;)

Although time consuming it was indeed fruitful. We did end up with a list of tasks, to-dos and follow-up discussions. Watch this video for a synopsis.


The keyword here is "kickoff"

Come..witness our adaptations.. and characterisations.. watch us perform. Get your tickets here.

Trailer - Patol Babu Filmstar and Other Plays

More shades of our production

Painting, drilling, measuring, cutting…

This was what the Production crew was busy doing all weekend to get the sets ready for the play. A great set and wonderful props add that extra charm an actor needs to get into his character.
Living room - To create this, we painted flats with the right color, fixed legs for support, and adorned them with wall-art depicting the period.
Book shelves - We got a donation of book shelves that we painted and stained to get the right look, procured numerous props that are required for the play, and finally glued them on so that they don't fall while moving them in and out.
Park/Garden - Now to create this look, we wanted to created picket fences. These are expensive if bought, and labor intensive to construct. So, we re-used old railings and painted them white; then make the tops using foam board, and finally twined in creepers which were made using leaves and flowers.
This are just a few things among the other major construction being done over the past weekends. To see all the beautiful sets and props, come and watch the show on Nov 1st, 6th, 7th @ Cubberly, Palo Alto. Buy Tickets here