Ray Rediscovered

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Trailer - Patol Babu Filmstar and Other Plays

More shades of our production

Painting, drilling, measuring, cutting…

This was what the Production crew was busy doing all weekend to get the sets ready for the play. A great set and wonderful props add that extra charm an actor needs to get into his character.
Living room - To create this, we painted flats with the right color, fixed legs for support, and adorned them with wall-art depicting the period.
Book shelves - We got a donation of book shelves that we painted and stained to get the right look, procured numerous props that are required for the play, and finally glued them on so that they don't fall while moving them in and out.
Park/Garden - Now to create this look, we wanted to created picket fences. These are expensive if bought, and labor intensive to construct. So, we re-used old railings and painted them white; then make the tops using foam board, and finally twined in creepers which were made using leaves and flowers.
This are just a few things among the other major construction being done over the past weekends. To see all the beautiful sets and props, come and watch the show on Nov 1st, 6th, 7th @ Cubberly, Palo Alto. Buy Tickets here


We had our first full presentation .. um.. er.. a.k.a adjudication last week.. Here is a reel of the poster shoot proceedings..

Aey bachchu tu dekh le..
Mere play ka yeh rehearsal...

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