Ray Rediscovered

Created by OnePlusYou
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He was. So we are. Here.

Play: He was. So we are. Here. (A tribute to Satyajit Ray)


  • Shubhra (effervescent, bubbly, full-on enthusiastic mid 20's woman)
  • Sumit (serious, contemplative, enunciates every word, mid 20's man)
  • Kamala (realistic, adamant early 30's woman)

Act 1, Scene 1:

Shubhra: Sumit, let's do something for the SF theatre Festival.

Sumit: Yes. lets.

Act 1, Scene 2:

Kamala: I am looking to do something new and exciting in theatre.

Sumit: Shubhra and me are working towards the SF theatre festival. We should all meet up and jam


Act 2, Scene 1:

Kamala: Come on in, guys. Let's read this script.

Shubhra: It's a good script, but this should be done more as a full-length play. What do we do for the theatre festival where it's format is half hour plays?

Kamala: Maybe we should more than a play.

Shubhra: Or four. And make it a full fledged play for Naatak.

Sumit: Yes something scintillating. I want to do a Karz remake.

Kamala: Ooooo, maybe we could one of those honee-anhonee stories.

Shubhra: Or Mungeri Lal ki haseen sapne.

Sumit: Hey guys - we could do Bhuto. It's a Ray short story.

Kamala: We could adapt more Ray stories.

Shubhra: Oh you know, we should have a Ray night. We should go all out....We should put in all our time and money and resources. Guys, guys, guys....

Sumit: This will be a tribute to the legend called Ray.

Kamala: Amen.


He was. So we are. Here.

Join us in our journey as we a pay a tribute to the legend we know as Satyajit Ray.